The Secretary General of Amnesty referred to all outraged Ukrainians as “trolls.”

Aug 6

What follows is some comments from LinkedIn members :

Roman Sheremeta:

Amnezty International has officially become part of russian propaganda and the source of false information. Thousands of people have already stopped supporting Amnesty International. Also, today, Oksana Pokalchyk, the regional director has announced that she is quitting Amnesty. I urge all my friends and followers to stop supporting Amnezty International.

Should Agnes Callamard resign? Instead of making amends for Amnesty International’s victim-blaming report, it’s Secretary General doubled down and called all outraged Ukrainians “trolls.”


This is after the information came out (link in comments) that Amnesty’s Ukraine office was cut out of the pre-publication process after they protested that the report was based on incomplete evidence and compiled by the individuals not present in Ukraine. The head of the office, Oksana Pokalchuk, resigned in protest.

I actually think Pokalchuk should go back to her job, but Callamard should step down immediately.

With Callanard at the helm, Amnesty has zero trust.

standwithukraine #ukrainewillprevail #russianwarcrimes #russiaterroriststate

Vian Backer Shaker:

In case anyone is in doubt, I’m not a troll or a mob👊🏽🤦🏻‍♀️.

In a report yesterday Amnesty International accused Ukrainian forces of breaking international law and endangering civilians as the forces defend themselves against the 🇷🇺 invasion.

But the charges are under all criticism. This is a form of victim blaming. In other words, the real victim is unjustly blamed for the events in Ukraine.

There are no circumstances, not even hypothetical ones, under which any Russian attack against Ukraine is legitimate. The aggression against 🇺🇦 is unprovoked, invasive and terroristic.

If someone makes a report where the victim and the attacker are to be seen as equals in some way, then that cannot be tolerated.
The Amnesty report “distorts reality” and supports Russia’s disinformation efforts. This is false “neutrality”. Not truthfulness.

Agnes Callamard this is an example of failed communication, biased, opinionated, and an offensive statement. This is below the level of communication expected of someone holding your position, and this should NOT be happening.

While your organization claims to be advocating the well-being of civilians, the very next thing you do is flat out dismiss and silence thousands of voices of the Ukrainian and many other world citizens who were outraged by the report. By labelling us as “mobs and trolls”, you demonstrate a level of condescension and bigotry that is unacceptable.

I am neither a mob nor a troll. I am born and raised in Denmark, I’m a mother and I work with marketing and communication for a living and in my free time I do what I can to support Bevar Ukraine and AUD: Association of Ukrainians in Denmark / Association af Ukrainere i Danmark

What you did in a single tweet was insulting millions of people. Let alone the total absence of similar reports on the tortured and murdered Ukrainian POWs; the attacks on a bus stop in Mykolayiv; shopping mall in Kremenchuk; downtown Vinnytsia; everyday shelling of Kharkiv or the villages and towns in Sumy region; the list could go on and on.

By lumping “Ukrainian and Russian” together you clearly show that you do not differentiate between the attacking and the defending sides, between the perpetrator and the victim.

This has nothing to do with “impartiality” and “facts”. Combined with your organization’s blindness to numerous Russian war crimes on the territory of a SOVEREIGN STATE.

The selfless and heroic actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are the only reason why hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are still alive and have a home.

The only threat to Ukrainians’ lives is the Russian army, and that Amnesty International’s claims are participation in Russia’s discreditation campaign against Ukraine.

russiaisaterroriststate #boycottrussia #ukraine #amnestyinternational

Vian Backer Shaker

Roman Sheremeta:

Oksana Pokalchuk demonstrates a true spirit of Ukrainian people!

After yesterday’s Amnesty International report on Ukraine, the head of Ukrainian office, Oksana Pokalchuk resigned. She said: “It hurts to admit, but the leaders of Amnesty International and I parted ways. Therefore, I decided to leave the organization. I believe that any work for the good should be done taking into account the local context and thinking through the consequences. And most importantly, I am convinced that our research should be done scrupulously and with people in mind, whose lives may directly depend on the words and actions of international organizations”.

Of course, Oksana Pokalchuk and her Ukrainian team were not even consulted regarding the report. The whole case demonstrates that Amnesty International is a morally bankrupt organization. They have officially become part of russian propaganda and the source of false information.

The people who actually need to resign are Agnes Callamard and Donatella Rovera.


stoprussia #stoprussianagress

Oksana Pokalchuk


    • The charity sector is huge in Britain and employs vast numbers of people. Most are brilliant, but I mainly donate to armed forces charities.
      There are a number of charities run by hard left scum, such as Liberty, Oxfam, Fabian Society, International Rescue and of course fucking Amnesty, which has always been a Marxist organization. Marxists always hate anyone or anything which is pro-America or pro-Britain. The most pro-Britain/pro-America country in Europe is Ukraine, so Amnesty hates Ukrainians. Add to that the fact that almost all Marxists still support Russia even though it’s been fascist for 20 years and you have the perfect storm.
      The horseshoe of politics : where Marxist vermin like JeremIRA CorbLenin are on the same page as fascists such as Le Pen when it comes to Ukraine.

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  1. “That won’t dent our impartiality nor the facts”

    I’ve been at odds with this Marxist organization for many years. AI has neither impartiality nor facts. There have been numerous cases in the past that clearly show THESE facts!

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