Russian troops accused of impaling Ukrainian prisoner’s head on stick

A photo allegedly taken last month also appears to show two severed hands, as Vladimir Putin’s forces face fresh atrocity accusations

6 August 2022

Service members of pro-Russian troops drive an armoured vehicle through Popasna, where a fresh atrocity is claimed to have been committed
Service members of pro-Russian troops drive an armoured vehicle through Popasna, where a fresh atrocity is claimed to have been committed CREDIT: ALEXANDER ERMOCHENKO /REUTERS

Russian forces have been accused of fresh atrocities after a picture emerged showing a severed head impaled on a stick.

The photo was allegedly taken last month in the Russian-occupied town of Popasna in the Donbas. It shows a low-slung house with an unkempt garden. A sign on a wall says “21 Nahirna Street”.

To one side of the garden is a stake with a decomposed head impaled on it. Behind it, on smaller stakes, are two severed hands.

The picture is believed to have been taken in late July. The Ukrainian army retreated from Popasna in early May. In July Russian forces captured all of Luhansk province, including Popasna.

“There is nothing human about Russians. We are fighting with non-humans,” said Serhiy Haidai, the Ukrainian governor of Luhansk which Russia had captured by July.

There has been no comment from the Russian authorities.

Russia and its allies have been accused of multiple war crimes since they invaded Ukraine on Feb 24.

Last month a video showed a Russian soldier castrating a Ukraine prisoner with a knife.

Russians troops have been accused of murdering and raping hundreds of people in commuter towns north of Kyiv.

Images of Bucha in particular shocked the world, with photographs of dead bodies lying in the street and mass graves left behind after the Russians fled.

Moscow has also bombed civilian targets, killed prisoners of war and conducted kidnappings and forced deportations.


Comment from David Birchall: “Shockingly – while this is as horrible as it gets individually, it is normal for them. They are just wrong. Thank God they are so hopeless as a nation the Ukrainians can hold them at bay. Maybe we need this to end – maybe we need Russia to engage with NATO and put 100 years of evil to bed once and for all.”

Reply from Bab Boon: “It’s so tempting. And exactly what Putin is desperate for to legitimise his paranoia. We would be foolish to give him what he seeks. Give Ukraine the tools to do the job and ultimately that will be the most effective solution.


    • Back in 2015, the RuZZians had already committed terrible atrocities, such as eye-gouging and the torture of a 15 year old boy to death for the “crime” of having a Ukrainian flag on his backpack.
      Fuck all was said or done.
      The orcs must be extirpated by any means necessary.
      How about Sonic and ultrasonic weapons (USW)? I believe the US has military grade versions of these available. A good way to knock out the orcs.

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  1. Article reminded me also of a lady that was tied to a pole in 2014for having pro Ukrainian stuff on her computer in the so called dpr. They threw rocks and food at her calling her a baby killer.

    Also reminded me of things that happened in Vietnam and the movie “apocalypse now”.

    I think I’ve run out of adjectives to express my disgust at the depths of inhumanity.

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