In this picture I see three clear reasons why Ukraine will Triumph

Shaun Topham (ex RN). Aug 6. LinkedIn

In this picture I see three clear reasons why Ukraine will Triumph:

  1. The weapons instructor highlights the fact that formidable entities like the SAS and other Special Forces have been training Ukrainian forces for eight years. That professional soldiering expertise has filtered on down through the Ukrainian forces. That competence and confidence is then passed onto:
  2. The elderly woman is determined to fight to the death. Why? I’m sure she has heard all about the rape and torture inflicted by the malevolent russian invaders. Perhaps she has had a daughter, niece or granddaughter that was gang-raped. Perhaps her nephew or a neighbour was tortured and murdered.
    She represents the NO SURRENDER stance that Ukraine has to adopt , because russia tortures and murders prisoners of war who have surrendered. The Geneva Convention means nothing to them. The AK47 in her hands doesn’t care about her age or gender, so she is as dangerous as a young athletic soldier. Hundreds of thousands of trained and determined Ukrainian partisans like this lady, mean that russia can never win this war.
  3. The guy filming the training camp represents the intelligent digital and cyber capability of Ukraine. That ranges from the way they effectively use drones and a staggering array of heavy armour, (Ukrainian gunners are world class!) through to the way they diligently record the scenes of War Crimes or track down the perpetrators on social media. The intelligence of the Ukrainian people make the russians look like a bunch of neanderthals by comparison.
    If you missed part One and Two of ‘Why Ukraine Will Triumph’, they are still in my Post feed.

  4. Дай Боже Україні швидкої і повної перемоги над злими загарбниками
  5. May God grant Ukraine a quick and complete victory over the evil invaders 🙏.



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