“Deputy head of administration” of Nova Kakhovka, Gur’s collaborator, died in intensive care

Earlier it was reported that he is in serious condition.

Vitaly Gura died in intensive care / photo from social networks
Vitaly Gura died in intensive care / photo from social networks

The so-called “deputy head of administration” of Nova Kakhovka, collaborator Vitaly Gura , died in intensive care. Gauleiter died after being shot at with a Makarov pistol.

This information was shared by another traitor – the “head of administration” of New Kakhovka Vladimir Leontiev. Previously, information about the state of Gura diverged. Kremlin propagandists claimed both the death of the collaborator and his serious condition.

Recall that on Saturday, August 6, it became known that an attempt was made on the traitor of Ukraine. According to Russian media, the Guru was shot from a Makarov pistol near his private home. PM cartridge cases were found at the scene of the incident. Among the occupiers, the transportation of the collaborator to Crimea was discussed.

Black stripe for traitors and gauleiters

As UNIAN reported earlier , information was received that Kherson collaborator Volodymyr Saldo, who is collaborating with Russian invaders, suddenly went to the hospital. There is information regarding possible poisoning.

Later, the traitor got worse, so the doctors connected him to a ventilator and sent him into a coma. Today it became known that he was hospitalized from the Crimea to one of the Moscow hospitals .

On Thursday, August 2, intelligence reported about the explosion of a car of collaborators in Kherson, in which there were two “police” officers. Subsequently, the moment of the explosion of the car was caught on video .

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