An attempt was made on another collaborator in the Kherson region, he is in serious condition

Gauleiter Novaya Kakhovka was shot with a pistol near his house.

Photo by Vitaliy Gur published in April 2021 / Source: Facebook
Photo by Vitaliy Gur published in April 2021 / Source: Facebook

The Kremlin media  report an assassination attempt on the “deputy head of the administration” of New Kakhovka, Vitaly Guru. Gauleiter survived, but is now in hospital in serious condition.

According to the  RIA Novosti propaganda resource , the traitor was shot from a Makarov near his private house. In particular, spent cartridge cases from PM were found at the scene of the assassination attempt.

According to the mass media of the occupiers, the issue of transporting the Guru to the Crimea is now being decided. Other details of the assassination attempt have not yet been disclosed.

(C)UNIAN 2022


    • It gets better. This is according to the UAWire and confirmed by the orcs.

      “Vitaly Gur, the deputy head of the Nova Kakhovka housing administration established by Russia, died while being transported to a hospital in annexed Crimea after an attempt was made on him, reports The death has also been confirmed by the Russian military reporter, Yuriy Kotenok.”

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