Robin Horsfall: Stormy Waters

Stormy Waters.

Aug 5

There is an English maxim ‘I can’t see the wood for the trees’. Information has a downside; too much creates confusion.

A man walks up to someone who has done him no harm and punches him in the face. The issue is simple, unprovoked assault, one bad man and one victim.

Give it to a lawyer and we get confusion. Mistaken identity, personality disorder, difficult childhood, just got fired, ten kids, bad eyesight, gives to charity. Even worse attack the victim! The victim took drugs, had a criminal record and so on. The lawyer muddies the waters. He reflects, deflects and distracts the jury. Give it to a 24 hour media company and you don’t get muddied waters you get a muddy ocean.

Ukraine is the same, a man invades a sovereign state and murders thousands of people. The rest is just semantics.

Slava Ukraini!

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall


  1. As usual Robin cuts through all the crap and exposes putler for what he is: a squalid little murderer, thief and liar. Those, like Amnesty International and his many media and political friends in the west are also guilty by association. The charge is genocide.

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  2. The reasons for mitigation are legitimate in the example Robin gave, as the two men would have encountered one another anyway. There are no mitigating circumstances in the russia vs. Ukraine issue as russia did not have to invade.

    Apart from that totally agree with him.

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