Russian forces shell Zaporizhia NPP for second time in past few hours – Energoatom

Russian forces shell Zaporizhia NPP for second time in past few hours - Energoatom

05.08.2022 19:49

Russian forces shelled the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant for the second time in the last few hours, with three shells hitting the site of the plant.

According to Ukrinform, the press service of the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company Energoatom said this on Telegram.

“On the evening of August 5, Russian terrorists shelled the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant for the second time using MLRS. Three shells hit the site of the plant, near one of the power units where the nuclear reactor is located,” the report says.

“There are risks of hydrogen leakage and sputtering of radioactive substances. There is a high fire hazard. There are currently no casualties,” Energoatom said.

According to the press service, before the shelling, Rosatom representatives hurriedly left the plant. The Ukrainian staff of the plant is on the ground and performs all measures to ensure nuclear and radiation safety and eliminates the consequences of damage.

The invaders earlier fired at the Zaporizhia NPP at 14:30. Three explosions were recorded near the plant’s industrial site.

The invaders also bombed the Luch power station, leaving almost the entire town of Enerhodar (six out of seven residential neighborhoods) without electricity.


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  1. In addition, local communities report that electricity has gone out in almost all Energodar.

    “The invaders bombed the Luch electrical substation, as a result of which almost the entire city (6 out of 7 microdistricts) was left without electricity. The water intake station also does not work – there is no water in the city. This is a real humanitarian catastrophe that the Rashists deliberately create!” message.

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