From the LinkedIn page of Shaun Topham

Aug 5

POLITE NOTICE. I no longer accept Linking Invitations from anyone who has not posted or commented to condemn the russian invasion. Unless you can prove that you were in a coma for the past five months.*
The long-term solution to the russian terrorist state is economic, so please do not try to claim this subject is not suitable for LinkedIn.
The malevolent russian invasion has affected everything from stock markets and inflation, through to the price of gas and grain. So please don’t claim this subject is not suitable for LinkedIn.
It has affected exports, transport and sport, so please don’t . . . . . . .
It is suitable for LinkedIn and if you have been silent about it for five long months, why would I want to be Linked with you?
If you are concerned about your employer, you can add a disclaimer explaining that the views you express are solely your own. Or, you can show your support for Ukraine in your profile banner.
So there is actually nothing to prevent you adding the weight of your professional voice to the online battle between decency and depravity. In Navy terms, this is called, “Nailing your colours to the mast.” Something you do when you believe enough in the cause you are fighting for.
If you find this post rather blunt, it might help to compare it to the abhorrent atrocities being inflicted by russia, on Ukrainian human beings.
*Of course, if you are suffering in Ukraine, that is obviously a caveat.

SUBSEQUENT NOTE: This post has kicked-up a huge shit-storm of vitriolic responses. Apparently I don’t have the right to say who I will or won’t accept Linking Invitations from.
I think that sounds like the response of people who like to control what others do 🤔


One comment

  1. Well there you go, as he says, you are either against the russian nazi invasion or you’re a cunt and you can fuck off.

    Actually he didn’t say exactly that, but that’s how I read it.

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