From the LinkedIn page of Jens Christian Jensen

Aug 5

How strong is the remaining parts of the russian military? The fact that russia has asked north korea to send a significant fighting force to fight in Ukraine for energy/grain gives a clear indication.

According to different media sources north korea are willing to send 100.000 soldiers to die in Ukraine, in exchange for grain and energy from russia.

This is a very clear indication that the russian military are pressed to the limit, and that putin is becomming more and more desperate, as his time is running out. Sources claim that putin has been given till October to deliver a victory or he will be removed from office, as the russian economy is falling apart, more and more soldiers refuse to fight and during juli, despite a massive offensive the russians only gained control of 0,2% Ukrainian Territory.

This is also a good time for the western partners and NATO to step up our help, ensuring that Ukraine will be equipped. And also to begin the campaign offering amnesty to north koreans who want to leave the army/north korea… that should reduce the fighting force significantly in very short time.

We should, could and can do a lot more to help Ukraine, and ourselves…

energy #freeukraine #standbyukraine #freedombeforeprofit #slavaukraini #ukraine #northkorea #stoprussia


Robin Horsfall commented:

“I like your counter measure idea of offering amnesty. However getting those NK troops to even know about such an offer would be incredibly difficult.”


  1. This is an almighty fucking headache for Ukraine. 100,000 more brainwashed slaves is a lot to deal with, if true.
    It’s actually a good reason for the allies to stop pissing about and give Ukraine the type of overwhelming firepower and tech support that they need. Especially with another slave shithole; Iran, apparently about to provide satellite assistance.

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    • All the US and South Korea would have to do is to send a clear (or indistinct) message that the fat boy’s shithole is in danger of being invaded. Of course, he should know that it’s all just a joke.

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  2. putler the schoolboy cocksucker seems determined to start a world war.

    The problem with the russian shithole slave recruiting being they have an easy route into russia thence Ukraine.

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  3. Where everywhere on this planet has this runt gone looking already for meat puppets willing to die for him? The question: Is the other little runt … the overweight boy Kim junk-un, willing to sacrifice a part of his precious army for some grain and energy?
    Even if he would, the US and/or South Korea would only have to rattle some swords a little … as if they’re about to invade … and the answer would be clear.

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