“ATACMS missiles will arrive …”: Zhdanov named the next target of the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the Crimean bridge

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to “sharash” directly from Nikolaev for this purpose, the military expert noted.

Ukraine is waiting for the supply of ATACMS missiles / photo US Army
Ukraine is waiting for the supply of ATACMS missiles / photo US Army

The next goal after the destruction of the Crimean bridge for the Armed Forces of Ukraine should be taking the Perekop Isthmus under fire control.

This opinion  was expressed by  military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

“Not to kill it, but to take it under fire control. And this is not just a desire or a necessity, this is a goal. And if we say that the Crimean bridge is the number one goal, then this isthmus is the number two goal. Take it under fire control “, he noted.

At the same time, Zhdanov added that Russia is afraid that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will enter the Crimea after the liberation of Kherson and reach the isthmus.

“There are no combined arms units in Crimea, there is the 22nd Coastal Defense Corps, we are smashing it, the command post was covered the day before yesterday of this particular corps. This is the Crimean corps, which is deployed in Crimea, we covered it, it is all in the Kherson direction,” the expert .

“I assumed that there were still coastal units – no, only parts of the Navy remained there, there is nothing else. So this is goal number two – taking fire control,” Zhdanov added.

According to him, at the moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, unfortunately, do not reach there with missiles.

“Now, if ATACMS missiles for HIMARS and M270 arrive, then yes. The launch range is 300 kilometers, and we can shy right from Nikolaev along these isthmuses, diggings, especially at the infrastructure facilities that are located there,” the expert explained.

Earlier, Oleg Zhdanov described exactly how the Armed Forces of Ukraine will liberate the temporarily occupied Crimea .

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    • I’d rather Ukraine use the bridge to occupy the Rostov basin and “Historically reunify” the region to the borders before Yalta….but I’m probably in the minority because I would like to see Ukraine border with Georgia and Kazakhstan. 🙂

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      • I agree.
        But be fair, it would make Ukraine look ugly on the map.
        I do not think Ukraine should want the entire north of Georgia, because then Chechnya will be Ukrainian. I would say add just the coastline east of the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea, so the Black Sea will become a Ukrainian lake. Russia should never have access to this region.

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  1. Two things could help end this war quicker; getting long-range weapons and getting the permission to strike mafia land’s territory. Keeping both away from Ukraine helps no one. It only costs unnecessary lives, causes ever more destruction and drains taxpayer’s money with constant minimal aid that adds up in time.

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