Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three enemy ammunition depots and four S-300 air defense systems in a day – OK “South”

Almost 40 invaders, 4 anti-aircraft missile systems, the Ginger radar station, up to a dozen units of armored and motor vehicles were liquidated.

Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 4 S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems / photo: Wikipedia
Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 4 S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems / photo: Wikipedia

The armed forces in the south of the country destroyed three enemy trains  with ammunition in one day – in Pridneprovsky, Kherson and Tokarevka.

This was reported by the Operational Command “South” as a result of the day on July 4 on the situation in the area of ​​responsibility.

“Our attack aircraft attacked 2 cells of enemy weapons and equipment in the Kherson and Kakhov districts. An enemy stronghold in the occupied Mykolaiv region was destroyed by a helicopter pair. Our rocket and artillery units, while performing fire missions, tightly attacked the enemy air defense system and logistics points, including ammunition in the Kherson region,” the command informs.

It is noted that it was precisely established that it was possible to eliminate 39 invaders, 4 S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, the Ginger radar station, the Vasilek 82-caliber automatic mortar, 9 armored and automotive vehicles.

It is noted that the final losses of the enemy are being reconnoitered.

According to OK “South”, the situation in the zone of responsibility remains tense, but the defense forces control its development.

“Hindered by our actions, without the possibility of moving on land, the enemy stepped up artillery and air attacks. 16 air strikes were carried out by enemy attack aircraft along the line of contact against our positions and recently liberated settlements. No losses,” the OK reported.

It is also reported about the shelling of Ivanovka by enemy heavy barreled artillery of 152 caliber. One person died, the extent of the destruction is being specified.

Ok “South” reports that 9 warships and boats are maneuvering in the Black Sea in the missile-safe area. “2 surface and 1 underwater carriers of Kalibr-type missiles are ready to use two dozen high-precision projectiles. 2 VDK continue to keep the tone of the threat of amphibious assault,” the message says.

Recall that Zelensky is sure that there will be no “referendums” in the south.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. I love seeing all these logistical bases and areas decimated. But I’d love to see our guys taking back some serious territory. Just a wish.

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  2. Nice!
    According to Defense Express the S-300B complex designed to track and destory balistic missiles. Russia only has about 20 total. Each is worth up to 100 million.
    A big prize indeed.
    It is strange that such an advanced and expensive system would be anywhere close to UAF artillery fire.
    Either Russia was hoping this would be an answer to it’s HIMARS problem or they are really concerned about the US sending ATACMS. Or they may just need them to deal with the increasingly effective Toacha U ballistic missiles.

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  3. Excellent job, UA forces! Send the cockroaches straight to hell. Destroy their material. Burn their fuel depots. Smash their ammo dumps. Eliminate their generals.

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