Zelensky: It is disgusting when former leaders of states with European values work for Russia, which fighting against these values

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that if Russia really wanted an end to the war, it would not transfer reserves to the Ukrainian south.

“If Russia really wanted the end of the war, it would not accumulate its reserves in the south of Ukraine now and would not create mass graves of murdered innocent people on Ukrainian territory,” he said in a traditional video statement on Wednesday evening.

He said ” a new propaganda activity started in Moscow. They suddenly decided to define “Azov” as terrorists, although when a terrorist state does this, it is obviously absurd.”

“They are activating various emissaries with theses that the terrorist state allegedly wants negotiations,” Zelensky said. “In general, it is simply disgusting when former leaders of powerful states with European values work for Russia, which is fighting against these values,” he said.

Earlier, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder came up with the idea of ​​negotiations with Russia after visiting Moscow.

“Now it is felt that Russia has begun to realize the inevitability of being recognized as a terrorist state. After all that the Russian army and allegedly private Russian military companies have done, no other terrorist organization in the world can claim primacy in terror,” the president said.



  1. I agree 100% with Zel, but even worse is when current leaders with European values work with Russia. You know who you are, no need to name you.

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  2. It’s not only the former dingle balls with apparent European values who are disgusting. There are plenty of current ones who fill the bill in this regard. They are every bit as disgusting.

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