Time for NATO to Take the Lead in Ukraine



  1. Crap suggestion. Nato is led by a Marxist and is crawling with members who are pro-putler or indifferent to Ukraine. Totally unreliable. Note how much the frogs spent on weaponry for Ukraine: €160m. Nuts and berries from a bunch of treacherous bastards.
    The lead should be taken by the US, with Poland and Britain in close support. Unfortunately the US has almost the worst possible president for a time like this. Good job it’s not Trump though.

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  2. I don’t agree either on NATO taking “lead” due to a couple points Sir Scradge mentioned. As well as the bureaucratic red tape that has been slowing things down for weeks, months, and years. Time that Ukraine and Ukrainian lives don’t have to spare combating putler and his genocidal, territory absorbing aims.

    This article did have a couple interesting points however. Such as as an expanding training center in Poland and Romania. Also the strategic importance of countering rashist fleet in the Black Sea by bolstering Romanian and Bulgarian forces with a year round presence for escorts and assistance. Increased reconnaissance and surveillance flights monitoring and exposing rashist fleet movements and operations.

    One thing I saw that NATO could do is strengthen cooperation with Moldova and Georgia by expanding the JTOC.

    God help us do all we can to send putler and putlerism back to the abyss where they belong.

    Slava Ukraini!!!
    Heroyam Slava!!!

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