The Office of the President of Ukraine cites 4 necessary components for negotiations with Russia


Ukraine’s negotiating position in a conversation with Russia should entail four components – all of which relate to weapons.

Source: Mykhailo Podoliak, advisor to the head of the Office of the President, on Twitter

Quote from Podoliak: “To talk with Russia, it is important to have the right negotiating position. This consists of four simple components: 1. Long-range artillery, MLRS and ATACSMS (Army TACtical Missile System) to destroy Russian logistics. 2. Air defenсe/anti-missile defenсe to protect cities. 3. Strike drones – the best hunters. 4. Armoured vehicles for counterattacks.”


  • On 3 August, Dmytro Peskov, press secretary for the President of the Russian Federation, stated that Russia is ready to agree to peace negotiations with Ukraine.
  • Ex-chancellor of Germany Gerhard Schroeder, after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that the Kremlin is open to talks to end the war in Ukraine.
  • Dmytro Kuleba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, believes that any statements by Russia regarding peace negotiations are a smokescreen for the occupiers, whose only aim is war.
  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that Russia’s claims that it is prepared to resume negotiations with Ukraine do not correspond to reality due to Russia’s deployment of reserve troops in the south of Ukraine.


  1. Add to that a shitload of planes and you have a good negotiating position, but the best position would be the annhilation of orcs in Ukraine.

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    • I think Ukraine will also have to make it clear to the rabid monkeys that any supply lines or ammo storage within 70km of the border will be legitimate military targets. It seems to me that Ukraine will need to set a marker for the future that the military encroachments will not be tolerated even if it means firing into russia.

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      • Contrary to what a troll said, there is a variant that can go 500km. They definitely need it to knock out the ones deeper inside sewer land.
        They’ve knocked out 20 ammo dumps and it’s still not enough to stop the orcs.
        They also need to turn Rostov and Belgorod into smoking ruins.

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  2. I don’t see how negotiations could even begin without a sincere, heartfelt apology, a complete withdrawal from all Ukraine, a permanent end to imperialism, the return of the 1.5m kidnap victims, the admission of war crimes, the sending of the perpetrators to The Hague and an agreement to pay $1.5 trillion in reparations; with a 20% down payment made.

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  3. Negotiations are acceptable only with Ukrainian combat boots pressing on the heads of the surviving cockroaches. The goal of this war is a complete military defeat for mafia land.

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