Russian army trying to set protection against precision strikes of HIMARSes – British intelligence

Missile and artillery units of Ukraine continue to strike Russian military strongholds, personnel concentrations, logistics bases, and ammunition depots. The Russian army is trying to defend itself.

The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain reported this on Twitter.

As emphasized in the summary, the strikes will certainly affect the supply of the Russian military and put pressure on Russian combat support units.

According to British intelligence, Russian forces have placed pyramid-shaped radar reflectors in the water near the recently damaged Antonivskyi Bridge and near the recently damaged railway bridge, both of which cross the Dnipro River in Kherson, southern Ukraine.

Radar reflectors are used to hide the bridge from synthetic aperture radar images and possible missile guidance equipment.

“This highlights the threat that Russia feels due to the increased range and accuracy of Western systems,” the report said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck the Antonivskyi and Darivskyi Bridges, as well as on the road through the dam of the Kakhovska hydro-electric power plant.

The invaders are trying to repair the bridges, trying to restore the supply routes of ammunition and heavy equipment.

Later, the Armed Forces hit the railway bridge in Kherson.

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