FB page; Pray for Ukraine

Jack Swindle. Aug 4

🇺🇦 Day 161 of the war in Ukraine!
Russia continues their aggressive indiscriminate bombing of Ukraine. Yesterday, Russia launched over 90 million dollars worth of rockets alone into Ukraine’s cities. This accounts for no other expense except missiles. But, just look at the cost in destruction to Ukraine’s infrastructure, businesses, buildings, schools and homes. Not to mention human lives, pain and torment. It takes everything Ukraine has in weapons to counter these assaults. This is the reason Ukraine has to keep asking for help with weapons. This is the only thing, along with the bravery and determination of Ukrainians that is preventing millions of people from being murdered by Russia. As long as countries continues to provide Russia with enormous amounts of money for their oil, the climate zealots continue to wage war against fossil fuels and political supporters of Russia continue to just stand by and watch, then this nightmare for Ukraine will continue! In essence, these are the people, actually, who now are responsible for the deaths and destruction of Ukraine and its people!!! Stop them and their selfish interests and you can stop the war!!

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  1. West needs to quit feeding the ruZZian beast. What is the hold up on declaring putlerstan a state sponser of terrorism? Also declare the runt’s government, and the demonic horde terrorist organizations. This genocide, ethnic cleansing, and holodomor 2.0 must stop NOW. Let us not look back and say “we should have done this” or” if only we would have done that.” Granted hind sight 20/20, but may the west come to the understanding that we must all oppose this darkness calling it out for what it is, absolute EVIL. This is absolute terrorism and must be crushed completely under our feet.

    God bless Ukraine for His Glory!!! May His mighty hand be moved to send His hosts with chariots of fire to battle for the AFU and the Ukrainian people.

    Slava Ukraini!!!
    Heroyam Slava!!!

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