7 Russian planes were shot down over Kyiv in 11 minutes: the anti-aircraft gunner revealed the details of the operation

At the beginning of a large-scale invasion, Russian aircraft heavily attacked Ukrainian cities.

Downed Russian plane / photo of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Downed Russian plane / photo of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The most difficult month during the full-scale war with Russia was February, when Russian aircraft and ground forces heavily attacked Kiev .

This was told in an interview with TSN by an anti-aircraft gunner of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel Denis Smazhny.

According to him, the first month of the war was one continuous watch with constant attacks from the enemy.

“There were no pauses – the attack on Kyiv ended – it began in the Izyum direction, the Izyum direction ended – the attack on Odessa begins. And this is all in a circle,” the fighter says

He also spoke about the successful operation of the Air Force in the defense of the Ukrainian capital.

“Kyiv. A massive attack was both on the ground and in the sky. In 11 minutes, 7 aircraft were shot down, almost the entire squadron lay down! It seems that this was an attack of last hope. They came close to the affected area, we “clapped” them. We destroyed a lot then, and after that the air attacks on Kyiv stopped,” Smazhny recalls.

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  1. I think this was closer to the beginning of intensification, after rereading it however, it doesn’t say exactly when it happened. But Way to Go UAF!!! Nice to hear some back stories of how ruZZian plane tickets were canceled.

    Glory be to God!!!
    Slava Ukraini!!!
    Heroyam Slava!!!

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