Ukraine’s Armed Forces destroy two enemy ammo depots in Kherson region

On the night of August 3, the Ukrainian military destroyed two more enemy ammunition depots in Kherson region.

“Kherson region… Two orcs’ depots were destroyed at night in the area of Beryslav and Chornobayivka. Once again, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit enemy’s rear reserves,” Serhiy Khlan, member of the Kherson Regional Council, posted on Facebook.

As reported, the Ukrainian army destroys logistics centers behind enemy lines with the help of new high-precision weapons. On the night of July 30, the Ukrainian military hit a train of Russian invaders that arrived at the Brylivka station in Kherson region. The train consisted of more than 40 wagons with manpower, equipment, and ammunition.


  1. The great ammo dump carnage continues. This is comparable to the great tank killings during the early part of the war. Ukraine is slashing the monster’s body, letting it slowly bleed to death.

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  2. I do like to read good news, hope to hear more of the same.

    The moskali scum have to know they cannot relax even for a second.

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