Ukraine Today .org turns 3 today

3 August 2022 – Red Square Maidan –

The Russian propaganda portal RT dominated news about Ukraine before the 2013 Revolution of Dignity on the Maidan in Kyiv. It was easy for readers to find the Kremlin’s trash and lies every day and there was hardly any news about Ukraine in English.

Then came Ukraine Today, a Ukrainian project with a play on words to answer the Kremlin’s Russia Today.

Eight years on, Ukraine Today is still answering Russia Today and the bilge that spews forward lying every day about Ukraine.

Three years now with this new format and people from all over the globe can participate in telling the truth about Ukraine to the world. Thanks especially to the Editors and their heroic work to tell Ukraine’s story every day.

I’m talking about heroes of Ukraine and Knights of Ukraine Today; Sir Veth, Sir Foccusser, Sir Facts and Sir Scradge. Your selfless work enlightens all of us and with 19,000 articles in our library you have built a very valuable resource for Ukraine. Just last month 2,200 people used the Search function of this site to do research and find the truth about issues related to Ukraine.

As one of the Administrators on Ukraine Today .org I think I can speak for Sir Foccusser, the other Administrator, and thank all the other contributors that are heroes of Ukraine too, like OEngineer, Cap, Mac, Bert, Murf, Mason, Kiwi, Stanley, Pastor Bill and others.

A former Administrator Suzanna who has since passed on after a traffic accident once said she likes Ukraine Today because we weren’t a bunch of “mute fish” and we commented, suggested solutions and supported each other.

Happy 3rd birthday everyone, let’s hope Ukraine is free by our 4th birthday!

Slava Ukraini, Heroyam Slava i smert moskalam! Vseem!


  1. Congratulations and big thanks King Red!
    May your handle soon become fact!
    Congratulations to all. Especially Frankie Facts and F1!
    God bless and protect Ukraine from the obscene savagery unleashed by degenerates.

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  2. That 3 years certainly flew by. I have to thank Red, Facts, Scradge, Veth and everyone else who contributes to this blog. We have had over 68,000 comments in 3 years, not bad at all.

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  3. I want to thank all of you on here for your tireless dedication to Ukraine, its people, and its spirit. This thank-you goes out not only to the “old guys” but to the new ones as well! At this point, I would like to say welcome! I am proud to be a part of this project and never regretted it for a single second.
    On a side note, our readership has virtually exploded since the start of this terrible war. I wish it had done so under a better star…

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  4. Happy Birthday guys! I used to go to Euromaidan, but had to quit for about 6 months and the comment areas had gone away. It took me a few months to run across you, but I’m glad I did.

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    • We have to get you added on our side column gubbdjavel, you do some nice work. I apologize I don’t have much time to go through the Reader page but when I do I always stop for a good read when I find your material. Also if you’d like, as far as I’m concerned you would always be welcome as an Editor here too for your pro-Ukrainian pieces. Then the option for a side column link or occasionally reblogging, what ever you’d like. Your comments are more than welcome here.

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  5. Happy 3rd Birthday Ukraine Today! I’m not sure exactly when I came into this site, I used to just read and not comment. But as things intensified from 2014 to what we see now I became more vocal. I salute you here for being up front and point blank with the truth. I also thank you all here for making this site happen providing a resource as well as open discussion forum.

    Slava Ukraini!!!
    Heroyam Slava!!!

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  6. Those 3 years have flown by, as did the previous incarnation, from where Ukraine Today evolved.

    It is now hard to remember the first uncertainties about the launch of this excellent site.

    The hard work everyone put in has paid off and now people know where to come for the true picture of Ukraine.

    I really do hope it isn’t too long before we can all meet to celebrate the end of the War in that location Redders has honoured by using as his screen name.

    You will all recognise me by my Hat!

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