Pelosi and Taiwan

Aug 3

I think Pelosi’s visit is necessary to prove that the USA is not bluffing.

Any disagreement about the visit between the House and the Presidency is contrived to protect the President from any damage should there be unforeseen problems.

This visit tells China not to push any farther. This is a strong move to show that humanitarian values and liberal democracies will be defended. Ukraine is an example of political weakness that led to war.

China will not start a war against the USA but it would have increased their pressure on Taiwan if the USA had procrastinated any longer.

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall


  1. Comment from David R:

    “While studying for my MBA in 1996 China was live firing missiles over Taiwan then the US sailed a carrier fleet down the straits which stopped the hostility of China. My class had Taiwanese and Chinese students it was a tense time but the USA acted properly and responsibly and as the worlds policeman – China backed off.

    Since then Taiwans public have moved more strongly (30% to 60% now) claiming Taiwanese to c. 7% Chinese identity, balance both or don’t know!! . The nations of the world need to recognise this and Taiwans sovreignty. China should not have been allowed in to the WTO until it recognised Taiwan as independent. Time to practice consumerism and stop buying Chinese in support of Taiwan.”

    They sent a carrier battle fleet in 1996. If they had done the same in the Black Sea in 2014, things would be different. Yes I am aware that the Black Sea is not ideal for carriers, but they could have gone to the Sea of Marmaris with the same effect.

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  2. The trip to Taiwan by Pelosi was the right thing to do. I fear only one thing; that bat virus land will, out of revenge, provide mafia land with military aid. This in itself wouldn’t matter so much if the West didn’t have so many jellyfish. We must accept the fact that both mafia land and bat virus land are our enemies, and we must drastically reduce our economic ties with them.

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