In Mariupol, parks were put under the knife to prepare firewood for the winter

Petr Andryushchenko noted that the invaders continue to destroy the city.

In Mariupol "under the knife" let the "green zones" of the city / screenshot
In Mariupol “under the knife” let the “green zones” of the city / screenshot

Russian invaders continue to destroy Mariupol . Invaders cut down trees in “green zones”.

Mayor’s adviser Petr Andryushchenko told about it in the Telegram channel

“The occupation authorities of Mariupol ordered to urgently start harvesting firewood for the winter period. In the absence / insufficiency of damaged or emergency trees, the green zone of Mariupol went under the knife,” the report says.

At the same time, Andryushchenko noted that the invaders continue to destroy the city.

“The Azov Regiment is no longer in Mariupol. There are no more hostilities. But the irretrievable destruction of the city does not stop. Simply because Russia,” summed up the mayor’s adviser.

As UNIAN previously reported, a  memorial was destroyed in Mariupol captured by Russian troops , erected in honor of Mariupol residents – the defenders of Ukraine. Instead, they plan to erect a monument to Alexander Nevsky on horseback.

As noted in the Mariupol City Council, this memorial was an important component of the renovated Freedom Square in the city. It was made of granite in the shape of the Ukrainian coat of arms, over which water flows as a symbol of shed tears. Water washes bronze oak leaves, each of which bears the name of a fallen hero.

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