In Kherson, Russians stocking up on inflatable boats after Ukraine forces strike bridges, hindering potential retreat

Maybe inflatable duckies too?

In the captured city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, Russian invaders are buying up and seizing from local shops all types of inflatable boats and even mattresses.

That’s according to the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, Ukrinform reports.

The news comes days after the Ukrainian forces damaged bridges across the Dnipro River that had been serving as major equipment supply routes to the invasion forces deployed on the river’s right bank.

According to the GUR military intelligence, in the temporarily occupied Chornobayivka, Kherson region, the enemy is destroying telecom networks of Ukrainian providers who refused to cooperate with the Russians.

The invaders have also introduced a ban on payment transactions in Ukrainian currency on local markets. Terminals and ATMs that supported hryvnia transactions are being dismantled.Read also: Ukraine’s Armed Forces destroy two enemy ammo depots in Kherson region

In the village of Henicheska Hirka, the enemy warned the owners of a children’s camp, a recreation center, and two boarding houses about their “nationalization” (seizure).

These facilities are set to be used as bases for Russian troops.

Also, the occupiers are looking for protected underground premises where they could set up bomb shelters. One of such facilities is the Kherson Cotton Plant, where the “inspection team” tried to find out whether it was possible to place 40 units of military equipment there. They also took pictures of the premises and sought to gain for a map of the tunnels. During the inspection, the Russians found out that the tunnels had been already equipped as a shelter for employees, and food and water had been stocked. “That same night, the occupiers broke the locks and stole all the supplies,” the statement reads.

As Ukrinform reported, the Ukrainian Army employs high-precision weapons in destroying logistics hubs in the enemy rear. On July 30, the Ukrainian military hit a large train that arrived at the Brylivka station, carrying manpower, equipment, and ammunition.

Overnight Wednesday, August 3, the Ukrainian military destroyed two enemy ammunition depots in the areas of ​​Beryslav and Chornobayivka in Kherson region.


  1. It seems that the orcs are losing confidence in holding on to Kherson … otherwise they’d be concentrating on attack/defense and not on floating across the river with – well – anything floatable, or hiding in bunkers.

    BTW, the image of the inflatable rubber ducky was my idea.

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  2. Not sure if you guys posted on this yet or not, but I ran across a crux video showing rashists using cone radar reflectors near bridges. It creates a ghost image. I’ll see if I can find it again and post it here in 14 hours.

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