German ex-chancellor Schroeder says Russia wants negotiated solution to Ukraine war

BERLIN, Aug 3 (Reuters) – Russia wants a negotiated solution to the war in Ukraine and last month’s agreement on grain shipments might offer a way forward, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

“The good news is that the Kremlin wants a negotiated solution,” Schroeder told Stern weekly and broadcasters RTL/ntv, adding he had met Putin in Moscow last week.

“A first success is the grain deal, perhaps that can be slowly expanded to a ceasefire,” he said.

Russia and Ukraine struck a deal last month to unblock grain exports from Black Sea ports and the first ship carrying Ukrainian grain to world markets since Moscow’s invasion five months ago is on its way to Lebanon. read more

Schroeder said solutions to crucial problems such as Crimea could be found over time, “maybe not over 99 years, like Hong Kong, but in the next generation”. He said an alternative to NATO membership for Ukraine might be armed neutrality, like Austria.

The future of the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, the scene of fierce fighting, however, was more complicated.

“A solution based on the Swiss cantonal model will have to be found,” he said, adding it would have to be seen if Putin would go back to a pre-war “contact line” in a ceasefire.

Schroeder, chancellor from 1998 to 2005, has criticised the war in Ukraine but refused to condemn Putin, whom he still calls a close personal friend. Distancing himself from Putin now would not help the situation, he said.

Increasingly derided in Germany for his pro-Russia stance, Schroeder has been stripped of his right to a publicly funded office.

A champion of the Nord Stream pipeline which carries Russian gas to Germany under the Baltic Sea, Schroeder is chairman of the shareholders’ committee of Nord Stream AG, operator of the pipeline majority-owned by Russia’s Gazprom, according to LinkedIn.

After intense criticism, Schroeder in May stood down from the board of Russia’s state-owned oil company Rosneft and declined a nomination for a board position at Gazprom.


  1. “The good news is that the Kremlin wants a negotiated solution,”

    The bad news, yes there will be a solution, once the orcs are removed from Ukraine. So go back to your boss, and tell the little nazi, you don’t invade a country, then once it starts to get too hot, you want a get out clause.

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    • Schroeder is an obscenely well-paid RuZZian agent and is a functional component of its genocide machine. So his words carry weight. But what do they mean exactly? They seem to be vague enough to cover several angles. How are they to be interpreted? Putler gives up Crimea, Kherson and the Azov coast in return for the part of the Donbas he occupied up until February?
      If that was on the table, I’d take it on the following conditions:
      All kidnapped Ukrainians returned intact.
      Full reparations for genocide, infrastructure repairs and economic damage paid in full. Negotiations should start at the $1.5 trillion mark.

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  2. Schroeder established Germany as a fully fledged RuZZia lackey. Merkel consolidated it. Both are proud of it. They have enriched RuZZia and enriched themselves on Ukrainian childrens’ blood.
    They, along with Sarkozy and Orban, deserve to be locked in a cell with butt-raping savages for all the terrible pain they have caused.

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  3. Why is anyone taking this idiot seriously? Everyone knows his loyalties, everyone knows where his bread is buttered. Why give this remnant of pond scum any exposure.

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    • Its really offensive when someone tries to speak for Ukraine or tell Ukraine what she should do. It is Ukrainians that were attacked and it is Ukrainians that are dying for their country every day. Who should decide for Ukrainians? A German stooge of the attackers?

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  4. Grain deal is about grain. Only negotiations going on are being fought on the battlefield.

    Victory to Ukraine!!!🇺🇦

    Death to the temporary ruZZian occupiers!!! ☠️

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  5. The only negotiations that will happen is after mafia land is militarily defeated, and this is to set the reparations price, who must stand trial for various crimes, and to see in which way the shithole should be craved up.

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