The GTS operator has completed preparations for the launch of the Trans-Balkan Corridor 


Since August 1, the operator of Ukraine’s gas transmission system has increased the volume of natural gas measurement at the “Grebenyki” connection point between Ukraine and Moldova from 3.96 million cubic meters per day to 6.12 million cubic meters per day.

As  reported  by the press service of the GTS Operator, in this way, Ukraine has fulfilled all the prerequisites for transporting gas through the Trans-Balkan Corridor.

It is noted that the increase in the volume of natural gas measurement in the future opens wider opportunities for both Ukrainian and European traders. Customers from EU countries will be able to import gas from LNG terminals in Greece and Turkey via the Trans-Balkan Corridor through the territory of Ukraine to Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland. Diversification of gas supply sources and routes will contribute to strengthening the energy security of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The company reminds that the potential capacity of this gas pipeline can be expanded to 20 billion cubic meters per year. However, for this, it is necessary that the Bulgarian and Turkish operators sign an agreement on interaction, and Moldova implements the possibility of virtual reverse of natural gas, which is provided for by European legislation.

To carry out transportation on this route, customers must book capacities from South to North at the connection points between Turkey and Bulgaria (or Greece and Bulgaria depending on which LNG terminal will be imported from), Bulgaria and Romania, Ukraine and Romania, as well as Moldova and Ukraine. Another possible source of gas supply through the Trans-Balkan Corridor could be Azerbaijan, which is also interested in expanding exports to the region.

“We hope that our international partners will also take the appropriate steps to launch the Trans-Balkan route as soon as possible. It will contribute to the acceleration of European countries’ rejection of Russian gas, which will significantly strengthen the energy situation in the region. During 2022, the Operator of the GTS of Ukraine has already expanded the possibilities for importing gas to Ukraine from EU countries and continues to work on diversifying sources of supply and opening new routes,” commented General Director of OGTSU Serhii Makogon. Джерело:


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  1. Get it done and make Russian gas a thing of the past. Its too bad no go Joe is not on board to lower prices and bolster national and economic security. Its also good that Germany realizes there are options to buying Nazi gas.

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