Nancy Pelosi plane lands in Taiwan (photo, video)

An American jet landed at the airport of the capital of the island.

Pelosi landed in Taiwan / screenshot
Pelosi landed in Taiwan / screenshot

A few minutes ago, an American jet landed at the airport in Taipei (Taiwan’s capital), carrying Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

This is evidenced by data from the  Flightradar tracking service .

Footage of the landing of the SPAR19 has surfaced online. Play Video

The plane with Pelosi landed successfully / screenshot
The plane with Pelosi landed successfully / screenshot

Within minutes, it became known that Nancy Pelosi was indeed on board. She got off the plane accompanied by several people. At the airport, Pelosi was met by a delegation of Taiwanese officials.

Pelosi got off the plane / screenshot
Pelosi got off the plane / screenshot

Meanwhile, the people of Taiwan greet Pelosi wearing yellow and blue protective masks.

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan: what you need to know

According to Taiwanese media,  Pelosi was scheduled to begin her visit to Taiwan around 5:30 pm Kyiv time.  She is supposed to leave the island tomorrow. 

China has said it  will retaliate with “strong measures” if Pelosi travels to Taiwan, and said it “strongly objects” to a possible visit. 

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  1. This is stated in a statement by Pelosi.

    “Our Congressional delegation’s visit to Taiwan honors America’s unwavering commitment to supporting Taiwan’s vibrant democracy. Our visit is part of a wider journey to the Indo-Pacific region—including Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan—focused on mutual security, economic partnership, and democratic governance.” , Pelosi noted.

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    She noted that bilateral discussions with Taiwan’s leadership will focus on reaffirming our support for our partner and advancing our common interests, including advancing a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

    “America’s solidarity with Taiwan’s 23 million people is more important today than ever as the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy. Our visit in no way conflicts with the long-standing policy of the United States, which is guided by the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979, the US-China Joint Communique and the Six Guarantees. The United States continues to resist unilateral efforts to change the status quo,” Pelosi concluded.

    The Lady of the House Speaking.

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  2. Full credit to the old girl. I was not a fan but in her 80’s, she went to Kyiv to support Zel and now she’s doing the same for Taiwan.
    I would reiterate how Chinese people behave in a democracy; just like us! When they have freedom they do very well; eg HK under the British mandate and Taiwan.
    HK is lost because the chicoms reneged on their agreement to retain British democracy. Now it is a filthy sewer.
    So Taiwan must be protected.
    But so should Ukraine…..

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