Trump said that Ukraine should have abandoned NATO and “give” the Crimea

He called the accumulation of equipment on the border before the invasion “excellent negotiating tactics” of the Russian dictator.

Trump believes that Putin was not going to start a war / photo REUTERS
Trump believes that Putin was not going to start a war / photo REUTERS

Former head of the White House Donald Trump  said that Ukraine should have made a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin to prevent a full-scale war.

He said this on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show podcast.

Trump said that Ukraine could “give up” Crimea or agree not to join NATO.

“They could give up Crimea. They could do something with NATO: ‘OK, we’re not going to join NATO,’ and you would have a country. I think Putin wanted to make a deal,” the former president said USA.

He does not believe that Putin “ever intended” to start a war with Ukraine, but now he “is more likely to get the whole country, since he already started.”

“He will take over the entire territory. And it’s very, very sad to see what happened to Ukraine,” he said.

In addition, Trump called Putin’s sending military and equipment to the borders of Ukraine before the invasion “great negotiating tactics.”

“And when you look at these completely burnt buildings, all these people are dead. You lost a lot of people. This is a deal that could be negotiated. And he moved 200,000 soldiers to the border to negotiate, and he could not make a deal – and now I I’m not sure you can make a deal that easily,” he said.

Earlier, journalists reported that Trump intends to announce the start of a campaign to fight for the presidency .

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  1. Trumpkov has gone full kremtroll. He’s always had these views and a hatred of Ukraine, but he obviously thinks there are votes in doubling down on them; no doubt encouraged by friends in the media such Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens, Michael Savage, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and many others. His UK bagman Nigel Farage will put out the same crap for him.
    If the GOP adopt him as the official candidate, he will lose.

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    • How do you figure that? Trump did more to help Ukraine than Obama did and I think it is safe to say during 4 years of Trump Putin did NOTHING. Those are just facts. Truth is, Trump doesn’t know Ukraine but he doesn’t know Russia either. That is because he made some very poor choices for foreign policy advisors for sure.

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      • Sir Red to suggest that Trump was in any respect wonderful because he was better then an idiot is not a positive endorsement. I fault Trump for what he didn’t do. Give Ukraine enough weapons to deter Putin. Now for him to suggest, as a presidential candidate that it’s ok to give away Ukrainian territory for sake of appeasement is balderdash

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        • Yeah, that’s just straight up ignorant and shows he doesn’t understand Ukrainians. But that was the case for most people prior to 24 February.
          Trump also said that Putin constantly spoke to him about invading Ukraine and Trump kept telling him, “Don’t do it, don’t do it.” Well, he didn’t. But changed his mind when Mr. Magoo took office.

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        • Are you one of the 11% that trust the MSM? He was speaking of negotiating tactics BEFORE the war started. Putin already had Criema. Biden by destroying US oil co’s, was/is making Putin/RU richer to spend on defense. The world sees/know how the #2 military power operates for sure now, total bulldozing war…. blowing up schools, hospitals apartment buildings. Stealing grain & rich farmland. The world has to stop Putin, now. Trump is a poor communicator but get things done like a NY RE contractor. The Cabal hates him because they can’t own him, Biden has done everything to help China& destroy our Middleclass, costing avg family apox $450/month more than 18 mos ago. IMO

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      • You have strange definitions of facts.
        Leveling half of Syria to ground, killing about 1000-2000 Ukrainians in Donbas, using chemical weapons in the UK, trying to kill a president candidate in Montenegro, putting bounties on U.S. soldiers heads in Afghanistan, supplying the Taliban with arms and money, prepping up North Korea, conducting the biggest cyber attacks ever, including on the U.S.

        Fucking up Libya, create a refugee crisis in Europe (this started under Obama but continued, have Wagner mercenaries take control of diamant mines in Africa and several other places in Africa and committing numerous warcrimes, sponsoring several far right and far left wing organisations in the West such as BLM.

        I think the blockade of Mariupol in the Black Sea was under Trump, including the Ukrainian warships that were damaged, stolen and the servicemen being held hostage for a year.

        Also Trump wanted dirt on Biden in return for the measly 250 million (a joke) for the Ukrainian army, the same budget Obama came with. Trump even unsuccessfully tried to decrease this budget I think in 2016 or 2017.

        Yes, Trump provided Javelins but Ukraine wasn’t allowed to use them, unless there was a full scale invasion. And in 2014 Ukraine did not necessarily lack firepower but mostly other things like secure communications and also half of what the U.S. provides was sold to or captured by Russians, so providing sensitive technologies such as Javelins and Stingers were problematic in 2014.

        When the army was reformed in 2016 Trump was installed.

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