The war in Ukraine showed that the Russian AK-12 needs serious changes

The AK-12 (6P70), a new variant of the Kalashnikov assault rifle in service with our enemies, has confirmed its reputation as the worst AK of all time in Ukraine.

The problems of the machine gun, which became particularly acute in combat operations during the invasion of the Russian invaders into Ukraine, forced its designers to change the design of the weapon, in particular to abandon the complicated trigger mechanism.

Of course, in Russia, problems are not officially announced, but changes are presented as improvements.

“The experience of using the AK-12 in real battles is a separate topic. In March 2022, the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation held a series of meetings regarding the use of AK-12 assault rifles in military special operations. There are already proposals for the further improvement of the weapon… There were proposals to eliminate the dual-charge queue mode, as well as to provide for the possibility of installing controls on both sides and an adjustable cheek,” said Vladimir Lepin, CEO of the Kalashnikov group of companies. He added that the “modernized” prototype of the AK-12 has already been demonstrated by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

It should be noted that in addition to the complicated design of the trigger mechanism, the machine gun is quite difficult to disassemble and has difficulties with maintenance, due to which many Russian soldiers do not maintain it properly, in particular, the gas outlet assembly is not cleaned at all, which also changed its design compared to the usual AKs, because of which machines corrode, lose their characteristics and fail.

We will remind you that the design of the AK-12 and its main problems were recently discussed in detail by Taras Oliynyk in the “Orc weapons” project on the “IBIS Weapons and Hunting” YouTube channel.


  1. And speaking of bad weapons … sending troops into an intensive war with bad assault rifles is one of the worst mistakes an army can make. I welcome such mistakes by the orc army.

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