The Germans will open a service center for Ukrainian self-propelled guns in Poland

The German government is negotiating with the defense industry to establish a repair center in Poland that will be able to promptly service the transferred PzH 2000 self-propelled guns.

This is another evidence that Berlin is preparing for a long war in Ukraine, writes Spiegel .

According to Spiegel, a month after the delivery of German artillery systems to Ukraine, self-propelled howitzers already show signs of wear. In the middle of the week, Kyiv informed the German Ministry of Defense that the control systems of some of the seven Panzerhaubitze 2000 delivered at the end of June displayed malfunction messages after intensive shelling of Russian positions. Therefore, several howitzers need repair.

The Bundeswehr believes that the problems are related to the high rate of fire with which the Ukrainian armed forces use guns in the fight against the Russian invaders; as a result, the howitzer loading mechanism is subjected to a huge load. The German military considers a norm of 100 shells per day to be high intensity, but the Ukrainians apparently fired much more.

In addition, it is claimed that the Ukrainians tried to fire special ammunition at too great a distance. These so-called smart munitions are designed for particularly accurate and effective hits. After the report from Ukraine, the Bundeswehr immediately agreed to quickly send additional packages of spare parts to Ukraine to solve the problems. In Bundeswehr circles, it was said that the signs of wear and tear were clear, as Ukraine would place great demands on the system in combat.

We will remind that at the beginning, Germany delivered seven Panzerhaubitze 2000 artillery systems to Ukraine, and then three more. In addition, the other day it became known that the German government approved the sale of 100 more modern Panzerhaubitze 2000 to Ukraine.


  1. Okay, first off; German stuff – weapons, cars and industrial machines – used to have better quality. Made in Germany is losing its shine. This info is already known to anyone who uses, deals, repairs, or owns any of these types of products.
    Second, I thought that the Germans would draw from their VERY extensive experiences learned during WWII when designing new weapon systems. Frankly, having to limit your rounds in the heat of battle is not such a good idea. These systems must be, foremost, very tough.
    Third, if the Germans would send more of these howitzers, maybe each one could fire less. But, as of now, the UA forces must try to throw something at the cockroaches that resembles an answer to their rain of shells upon them. They are there to defend their country, their families, their heritage and their lives, not to count rounds. Please, give them what they need!

  2. If a hundred shells a day was german “stress test” they really really need to rethink their kits. With junk like this perhaps it’s better Ukraine didn’t get so many of them. Maybe Poland will let Ukraine have some of the stuff they are getting from South Korea. At any rate supporters of Ukraine need to pour in far more robust deliveries. This is not a game it is life or death.

    Victory To Ukraine!!!🇺🇦
    Death to the ruZZian temporary occupiers!!! ☠️

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