Poroshenko handed over the H10 Poseidon Mk II drones to the State Customs Service

Petro Poroshenko handed over the H10 Poseidon Mk II unmanned aerial system to the Airborne Assault Forces, purchased for 318,000 euros by volunteers of the Sprava Hromad NGO and the Poroshenko Foundation.

This was reported by the press service of the European Solidarity political party .

The H10 Poseidon Mk II drones, produced by the Cypriot company Swarmly, have a range of up to 150 kilometers and an altitude of up to 4,000 meters. The cruising speed is 75 km/h, the maximum speed is 100 km/h. The maximum carrying capacity is 3 kg.

“This is a reconnaissance battalion-level complex that will work for the benefit of all brigades of the zone of responsibility, reconnaissance and artillery guidance, adjustment of large-caliber fire. This is a war of artillery, anti-aircraft missiles and, most importantly, drones of a completely new quality. With the high number of hours they are in the air. With a high range of operations up to 150 kilometers in inertial mode. With high protection against the effects of the enemy’s radio-electronic warfare. With cool cameras that have a 40x zoom, cool ‘heat’ that are the eyes of our gunners, our paratroopers, which will make the counteroffensive much more effective,” explains the fifth President

Drone operators note that Poseidon is equipped with modern high-tech equipment. “They have very cool suspensions, an Israeli-made camera. “Teplak” is very cool. We fly for a kilometer and we can almost see a mouse running, it is so cool. That is, the camera wins. It is on four screws, you can climb vertically and then plan for yourself. A cruise of 75 km is a normal speed for him. Here are modern antennas, video communication, telemetry. It is more stable,” they say.

The military emphasizes that the drone has an algorithm for countering radio-electronic warfare: “There are rules against REB.” When the video disappears, the video frequencies can be changed immediately on the fly and they cannot be muted in this way. There is also an inertial system. We were warned about the algorithm of actions if the EB was silenced.”

“We will unite, we will do everything so that a counteroffensive takes place. A counteroffensive is the only thing that can stop the Russians. You and I must do everything to help and bring victory closer, we must do everything in our power to be side by side with our soldiers. You can’t be in the Armed Forces now – help the army. You can’t help – transfer the money. These months and a half are decisive. We have to do, pull this bar and do everything possible to ensure that Ukrainian soldiers have everything they need,” Petro Poroshenko summed up.

As you know, the Poroshenko Foundation and volunteers of the Sprava Hromad NGO bought 50 Autel EVO II 640T Dual UAVs with thermal imagers and additional batteries, as well as 300 Autel EVO Lite+ UAVs. With the assistance of the Estonian government, it was possible to implement this project in the shortest possible time for the amount of more than 700 thousand euros.

The Poroshenko Foundation traditionally doubles the amount of funds collected by volunteers.

In addition to UAVs, the Poroshenko Foundation and volunteers managed to buy a large batch of Leyland DAF trucks and 11 MLS SHIELD armored vehicles in Europe. For the first time, volunteers and a charitable foundation from Ukraine received an export license for the supply of NATO-standard military equipment. During the last week alone, equipment for the front in the amount of about 5 million dollars has arrived in Ukraine.



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