Kremlin spokesmen: how propagandists Margarita Simonyan and her husband got rich (video)

Today Simonyan is almost the main and most influential person in the media space of the Russian Federation.

Simonyan is talking nonsense on the air of RosTV and earns a lot of money / photo REUTERS
Simonyan is talking nonsense on the air of RosTV and earns a lot of money / photo REUTERS

Modern Russia nurtured and at the same time destroyed by Putin, but not only he is guilty of what is happening now in Ukraine and the world.

As the plot of the FreeDom project says, there are people in the Russian Federation who also played a huge and terrifying role in the stupefaction of the masses, the loss of empathy for everything reasonable, good and eternal.

Respect, compassion and love – all this has become alien to the majority of Russians who watch federal channels 24/7, the agenda for which is created by Margarita Simonyan.

The propagandist continued her nuclear rhetoric in the studio at the country’s main buzzer. “The most incredible thing is that in the end all this will end with a nuclear strike. It seems to me that this is still more likely than such a development of events,” Simonyan said.

She is from a simple Krasnodar family, her father worked as a refrigerator repairman, her mother traded flowers in the market. Margarita graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Kuban State University and the School of Television Mastery of Vladimir Pozner.

Today she is almost the main and most influential person in the media space of the Russian Federation. Behind her is the creation of the Russia Today propaganda channel, which she headed at the age of 25. Prior to her appointment, she, a simple journalist, made reports in a favorable light for the Kremlin near a school seized by terrorists in Beslan.

The creation of the international news agency Rossiya Segodnya and the news agency Sputnik only strengthened its position and brought it as close as possible to the Kremlin.

Margarita’s career is built on fakes and lies, and it’s impossible to listen to the nonsense that she invents on the go. After RT lost its license in the West, Simonyan began to curse everyone and everything.

Do not forget that Margarita has a soul mate – her semi-precious husband, because the true diamond in the family is only she. Tigran Keosayan is a former director and now a propagandist who sincerely considers himself a witty TV presenter. In the International Sawmill, the program led by Keosayan, there are only pro-Kremlin guests and sheer rudeness.

The income of a married couple of propagandists became known after the release of the FBK investigation film “Parasite”. They earn at least 120 million rubles a year per brother. This couple is one of the richest propagandists not only in Russia, but also in the world.

Earlier, Russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan said that losing the Russian Federation in the war against Ukraine is “impossible”. Otherwise, for all mankind, everything will end “very badly .

(C)UNIAN 2022


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