From the LinkedIn page of Dmytro Semonov

August 1

Imagine a 30-40 meters high radioactive tsunami that wipes off New York, Los Angeles or British coastal cities. Due to that, tens of millions of people die, and the lands are unfit for life for dozens of years, not to mention the irreparable environmental damage.

It sounds like a sick low-budget disaster movie, right? Like, the idea itself seems unbelievably cruel, and a human mind cannot invent it. Welcome to the world where russia exists – right now, they are developing such a weapon. Let me introduce you to “Belgorod” – the biggest nuclear submarine in the world, which has been recently taken into service by the russian navy. 

The length of the submarine is 184 meters, but that’s not the main thing. The core of it is “Poseidon” – an enormous nuclear torpedo that weighs 100 tons. That thing is expected to explode underwater to cause nuclear tsunamis. The submarine will carry from 6 to 8 torpedos. I can’t imagine how pathetic should be the people who can allow themselves thought of destroying not only tens of millions of humans but a part of the planet itself. 

Good news, if there are still could be some? The torpedo is still developing and is expected to be finished in 2027. But I believe the goal of the civilized world is never to let it be finished. russia must be cut off from any resources and expertise! Until they are cured from imperialistic ideas and nuclear threats, like Nazi Germany had been cured after 1945. 

Don’t just buy from russia – don’t buy from any company that operates in russia. Don’t cooperate with any russians unless they publicly denounce their government and support Ukraine. We should exsanguinate russia economically so they wouldn’t have resources for wars. Maybe, they will finally open their eyes to the turmoil they put themselves and the world into. 

P.S. If you think that russia creates only “local” conflicts and the events are not worthy of your concern – you are entirely right! Chill out, grab some beer, and relax. But don’t look up. Because otherwise, someday you could notice russian missiles bombarding your home. Or a radioactive tsunami is destroying everything you cared for. 

We must stop rashists now. Their sick ideas threaten not only Ukraine, Europe and USA. They endanger the Earth itself.

europe #ukraine #usa #russia #war #stoprussia

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