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Aug 1

German MARS II long-range MLRS and 4 American HIMARS MLRS arrive in Ukraine – Oleksii Reznikov, Ukrainian Defense Minister

They are both part of the long-range MLRS family that Ukraine needs to change the tide of the war.

MARS II is a licensed copy of the American M270 MRLS. It has a firing range of 38-300 km depending on missile type. Earlier, German Defense Ministry said 3 units were supplied.

According to Reznikov, Ukraine needs about 50 HIMARS to stop the Russian offensive. With these new 4 units, the number of HIMARS Ukraine has received rises to 16.

The introduction of HIMARS is believed to have set off Russia’s artillery advantage – Ukraine’s use of HIMARS has stalled Russia from its scorching of Ukrainian land:

Russia’s nightmare comes true. HIMARS altering the course of the war in Ukraine, but for how long?

📷 Oleksii Reznikov’s twitter

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