Putin said that the Russian Armed Forces will receive the most secret Russian missile

And the first stage of “Zircons” will receive the ship “Admiral Gorshkov”

Putin boasted that the Russian Armed Forces would receive Zircon missiles / REUTERS photo
Putin boasted that the Russian Armed Forces would receive Zircon missiles / REUTERS photo

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will receive complexes of hypersonic cruise missiles “Zirkon”. Deliveries will begin in the coming months.

This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during the parade in honor of the Navy Day in St. Petersburg.

“The fleet successfully and honorably fulfills strategic tasks at the borders of our country and in any area of ​​the world’s oceans, has a high readiness for active operations of its coastal, surface, air, and submarine forces and means. They are constantly being improved. Suffice it to mention the latest, which have no analogues in “Zirkon” hypersonic missile systems in the world, for which there are no barriers. Dear comrades, their delivery to the Russian Armed Forces will begin in the coming months,” Putin said.play videoREAD ALSO:

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At the same time, he indicated that the Zircons would first receive the ship Admiral Gorshkov. In addition, the President of the Russian Federation stated that the capabilities of these missiles are supposedly unlimited, and “the area for the service of a ship equipped with Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles will be chosen based on the interests of Russia’s security.”

It should be noted that the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile was developed by NPO Mashinostroeniya. Its exact characteristics are not known for certain, but it is capable of reaching speeds of more than 9.5 thousand kilometers per hour.

As UNIAN previously reported, on February 22, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his message to the Federal Assembly, the  Russian hypersonic sea missile  “Zirkon” will have a speed of Mach 9 and a flight range of more than a thousand kilometers. 

After that, the Russian media reported that the targets of Russian Zircon missiles in the event of a threat to Moscow from Washington could be five military decision-making centers in the United States. 

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  1. There should be no public reaction to what this savage says. Any more bollocks like “we call on President Putin to de-escalate blah blah blah etc.” A total waste of time and only helpful to the putinazis.
    Putler intends to take all Ukraine. He wants the land, coast and mineral resources. He does not want any Ukrainians. He will kill 40m people to achieve this objective if allowed to.
    Do Ukraine’s three most important allies : America, Britain and Poland, intend to stop this or not? If the latter, then plans need to be formulated and put into place. A reactionary strategy is no longer of any use.
    Assuming these missiles can do what the nazi rat claims, then there must be a powerful military response. He has after all threatened all three of them multiple times.
    The leaders of these three nations should agree what to do next: firstly, way, way more aggressive sanctions than the feeble rubbish they are doing at present. Secondly, a quadrupling of military support; the present amount barely scratches the surface. Thirdly, much better and more air defence for Ukraine. Fourthly, an independent nuclear deterrent must be provided for Ukraine.
    Finally, a threat must be issued to the putinazis: any escalation will be met with a disproportionately lethal response.

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    • It must be a hell of a “special military operation” that is going according to plan when they have to bring out their “secret weapon.” More proof that Putin is a student of Hitler and now has a Wunderwaffe too.

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