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MailOnline. July 31

Hitchens today attacks the British government over its treatment of Graham Philips, just as he frequently does for that other Russian agent Julian Assange.

In 2010, Hitchens traveled to Crimea, where he interviewed senior Russian military, described Ukraine as a “fanciful” country and set out the kremlin case for invasion, which duly happened four years later.

Since Putin unleashed his Holocaust in February, Hitchens has become more circumspect with his language. He fakes impartiality and claims to want peace, but still works diligently as a component of Russia’s genocidal war.

Here is his blog today:

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  1. Comments on Hitchens’s blog are moderated. In the past he has engaged in debate with me and a few others who oppose his filth. Since the Holocaust started, all my comments were blocked by his mods.
    My response to his blog :

    “If anyone suggests we try to make peace in Ukraine (as I do), he is immediately denounced as an ‘appeaser’….”

No you are not an appeaser, you want Ukraine to surrender. You have the same views as Philips. Your support for Putin’s genocidal regime goes back many years and it can be proved from the revolting archives of your propaganda in this paper.

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