In Serbia, they started talking about the “denazification” of the Balkan countries

The statement caused a strong reaction on the network.

Serbia can unleash a new war / photo
Serbia can unleash a new war / photo

Serbia could start “denazification” of the Balkan countries.

 Vladimir Djukanovic, a top functionary of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, wrote about this on  Twitter .

“It seems to me that Serbia will be forced to start the denazification of the Balkans. I would like to be wrong,” he said.

His tweet caused a strong reaction among users. The politician was reminded that Russian President Vladimir Putin used “denazification” as a pretext to attack Ukraine.

“Well, the world was upset when I wrote that Serbia might have to initiate the denazification of the Balkans. I understand that they have always supported every Serbian enemy,” Djukanovic responded to the accusations.

In his last tweet, he mentioned the Ustaše, members of the Croatian movement who collaborated with Germany and Italy during World War II.

Serbia wants to "denazify" the Balkans / screenshot 
Serbia wants to “denazify” the Balkans / screenshot 

Notably, Djukanovic has been under Ukrainian sanctions since 2021. Note that the leader of the Serbian Progressive Party is President Aleksander Vucic.

As UNIAN previously reported, the President of Serbia saw “almost a world war” in Ukraine .

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. The Serbs have always been the little ruskies of Europe. Or, the little ruskie shit nuggets, if you will. It’s no wonder that they pick up mafia land’s fascist methodologies all the time.

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    • The Serbs actually started WW1. That family fight resulted in the Fall of the Tsarist regime, and the start of an even longer night that Russia had been slowly awakening from. I don’t know if Putin has stirred up Belgrade or not, but if they are answering Putin’s call, they will find they were quite stupid in doing heeding it.

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      • I would never put it past the sewer rat for stirring up more trouble in Europe … or the US, for that matter. As a matter of fact, I’m quite sure that he has something to do with this.

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  2. The Serbs may think the US is to occupied with Ukraine. They are wrong.
    There is now a US Armored Brigade just a few days ride away in Poland. an F-16 squadron in Germany trained in SEAD missions. F-35s in Poland and f-22 raptors in England. Together theycan werck the Serb air defenses in a day.
    Some countries need to know their place and shut up.

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