From the LinkedIn page of Vasyl Khmelnytsky

One of the most powerful and respected Ukrainian businessmen died today in Mykolaiv along with his wife. I knew him personally. Once I saw a hall of 3,000 people give him a standing ovation. The speaker was Oleksiy Vadatursky.

He had created an unbelievably rock-solid business in the agricultural sector, built plants and businesses, and created jobs throughout his life. He was engaged in the development of the country, he was a true mentor.

Our generation now passes on the experience to young people, and we once gained knowledge from people like Vadatursky. It is a great sorrow.

A terrible week. The tragedy in Yelenivka, the death of Vadatursky.
It’s a terrible year overall.

War spares no one. It doesn’t matter what your status, education, or wealth. We are all equal before death.

I always try to control my emotions, but today is the day when I have to do it with effort.

I express my condolences to the family of Oleksiy Vadatursky. And to everyone who lost loved ones in this war.


  1. My hypocrisy knows no end. It’s only now in death that I see or hear about the heroes of Ukraine. Yes the military but also the honest business men and women who have endeavored to make Ukraine the great nation that it could be.

    Where was I all these years. Did I need to wait until there’s a war, devastation, my heritage dying before I get involved. I’m ashamed. I ask forgiveness from my true brothers and sisters and hope that now and in the future I can make amends.

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      • Thanks Sir Red. I’ve always said that individual responsibility is key to a functioning democracy. I screwed up plain and simple. But now that I know things will change. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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