Bellingcat: Russia Prepared Graves for Executed Ukrainian Soldiers in Yelenovka in Advance

The Ukrainian military could have been killed before the explosion.

The graves were dug a week before the explosion / Screenshot
The graves were dug a week before the explosion / Screenshot

Independent OSINT researchers conducted their analysis of satellite images published on the network of the territory of the Yelenovskaya colony , where more than 50 prisoners of war were executed, and came to new conclusions.

So, OSINT researcher Alexander Oliver, referring to a video analyzed by the founder of Bellingcat, noticed fresh graves in the pictures, dug, probably before the explosion, near the northern wall of the colony.

Old footage shows that the POWs were housed in the main cell block away from the collapsed building, which appears to be outside the inner perimeter.

The graves were dug a week before the explosion, according to the founder of Bellingcat. Oliver writes that the graves could have been prepared two days before the explosion.

“If these are graves, then this is further evidence that this was a pre-planned Russian war crime,” Oliver wrote.

He admitted that there may be dug graves in prisoner-of-war camps, but this particular case speaks of the real intentions of the occupiers to execute the fighters.

“The number of possible graves that appear fresh in these pictures and the scale of war crimes seem to be more than a coincidence. I believe the POWs may have been killed prior to the explosion, which was later used as cover to blame Ukraine ,” Oliver added.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. How ever the mafiosi did, and whenever they did it, they did it. They murdered those soldiers.
    With mafia land, you always must assume that they are guilty until proven innocent.

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