Kyiv received new rescue and medical vehicles from partners

Photo: KMDA

Rescue services of the capital received 12 fire-rescue vehicles and 7 ambulances from partners.

This is reported by the National Industrial Portal with reference tonotification of the KMDA .

“Today, thanks to our foreign friends and partners, to whom we turn, and who support Ukraine and Kyiv in the fight against the Russian aggressor, the capital received special vehicles and equipment. And we pass it on to the capital’s rescuers and medics. It is about 12 fire and rescue vehicles and 7 ambulances from German and Polish partners. And also rescue equipment from Switzerland. Now our city has become even more equipped in terms of fire protection, in particular as a result of rocket attacks. After all, today, in the conditions of war, it is extremely important for us to react quickly and effectively in order to save people’s lives. And the city of Kyiv is doing everything it can to ensure that our services are provided with everything necessary,” said Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klychko.

Photo: KMDA

In particular, Kyiv received 2 new Renault cars for foam firefighting. These are the most modern cars with 11,000 liters of extinguishing mixture. These cars are intended for extinguishing fires at gas stations, oil depots, factories, as well as where the use of water for extinguishing is impossible. The capital received these special cars from German and Polish partners. The Germans collected funds for Kyiv, and the Poles ensured the production of cars in the shortest possible time.

Photo: KMDA

Another 7 fire engines were handed over to the capital by Kyiv’s sister city, Leipzig. In particular, two 30 m long truck ladders, which are absolutely necessary for rescuing people. And three fire engines were handed over to the communities of several small German towns.

Kyiv also received 7 ambulances from the two sister cities: 5 ambulances from the city of Hamburg and 2 from Leipzig.

Photo: KMDA


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