From the Petro Poroshenko FB page

Jul 30


These two and a half months are the game changer. We have disrupted the blitz war plans, and now we have to counterattack. And every Ukrainian must do everything that depends on him to be side-by-side with our soldiers now.

That is why we are handing over the Poseidon unmanned system to the Airborne Assault Troops today. These are their “wings” and “eyes” to better see and destroy the enemy.

This war is an artillery war and, key, is drones. Scouts need brand new quality drones. With the high amount of hours they are in the air. With high protection against the action of enemy radio-electronic combat equipment and with absolutely cool cameras that have 40x zoom, cool heat that are the “eyes” of our artillery, our paratroopers, this counterattack much more effective. And we have such a drone now. H10 Poseidon Mk II. The working range is up to 150 kilometers. Working height up to 4000 meters. Cruiser speed 75 km / h

Our fighters are loving it. They need more drones like this. And it depends on you and me. As always – half of the cost is sent by volunteers to the Фонд Порошенка fund, half is paid by Marina and ГО Справа Громад The drone costs more than 318 thousand euros. But it’s a very cool station, radio communication system. Very cool “birds” that require a high level of professionalism. Long-long weeks, if not months, our hero boys have been studying and today are one of the best in Ukraine operators of these drones, who will be able to supply information at the same time to the battalion commander, brigade, commander, and it will be in the whole system In the Armed Forces.

These UAVs will make #counterattack much more effective. And you and I will continue to do everything to bring our victory closer.

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  1. Look to be a very high quality drone resistant to electronic measures. They will provide valuable intell quickly, sharp picture in multiple modes as well as have a great ceiling, distance, and time abilities.

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