From the LinkedIn page of Serge Kaminsky

July 30

This is how Russian Embassy in London commented on the horrendous massacre of Ukrainian POWs in the concentration camp Olenivka in the occupied Donbas (about 50 heroes of #Azovstal and #Azov burned alive, another ~100 were severely injured.

Russia has been desperately trying to provoke blind anger among Ukrainians – to make us cutting throats, bombing schools, and burning Russian embassies. This is what they had done during Chechnia wars of 1990s, where mass terror against the civilian population of Chechnia caused revenge actions, leading to media picturing Chechen freedom fighters as “terrorists”.

RussiaIsATerrorist and will be defeated, together with #RussianLies, and weaponised #RussianCulture. But defeating Russian devils we will not turn into devils ourselves.

One comment

  1. The above abomination of a “tweet” is why the embassy must be shut down and all Russians deported. The putinazis amongst them must loose all their cash and assets.

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