Because of Ukraine

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July 29

Because of Ukraine.

Dear world, we know you are getting tired. The prices went up, vacation plans are made, but the future looks insecure, and winter is coming. And deep inside you have this “because of Ukraine”. And I am cautiously reminding you that this perception is wrong.

We haven’t started the war.
We are not tired, exhausted yes, our citizens are killed, many are wounded, lost family members,, friends, left homeless, had to flee from terror of the war, had to go via filtration camps in order to survive, had to live under occupation. Mentally and physically coping with the war impact, for 5 long months. Trying to adjust in order to keep strong. When asked, saying ok as our mantra not to bother you with personalized trauma stories.

We are not tired of fighting for our rights to live freely in our homeland. We are not tired of reaching out to you to state we can’t accept “bad peace” to stop the war you might generously offer as a solution. Why keep on fighting instead of looking for compromise?

Because there is no compromise. Because the only solution is to win this war. We have seen this in 2014-2015 and we can only repeat our annoying message “we told you so”. They won’t stop taking some part of the land, they would regain their forces and strike later to take it all. And who is next after us? If not stopped fully. Any negotiation would not last longer than a piece of toilet paper.

The day after the grain agreement was reached, they bombed Odessa port. Today we had morning with 2 air alerts and sirens to remind us of this reality we have been living for 5 months. Today is another day of horror to my citizens.

The impact of war you are having economically is not because of Ukraine. But because of Russia.

We are forever thankful to all for their help in our fight but we kindly ask you not to confuse the reasons why the world is impacted.

And we are kindly asking you to stand with Ukraine. Because we have proved that we are ready to be your sword and and shield in this battle but we need you to keep believing in us.

Our prices went up too, but the price we are paying for freedom is not measured in any currency equivalent. It is measured in human lives daily. During 5 months. Because of Russia.

Words by Galyna Petrenko
Photo by @libkos

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  1. Indeed, all this trouble including economic woes in the West and the rest of the world is because of RUSSIA! Never forget that!

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