A story from MailOnline

This is probably bullshit, like much of MailOnline’s output. Just in case there is something in it that has at least some connection to reality, here is is:-



    • I would love this story to be true, but I doubt it. He would only flee his shithole if he thought his entire regime was going to be toppled, which unfortunately seems unlikely at present.
      My guess is that he would go to a large totalitarian state where he could disappear. China would fit the bill. In Syria or even Iran he could be located much more easily.
      I guess the Norks would be his fallback.
      But first of all, we must await “Ukrainian D Day” and pray for a resounding success. Everything becomes possible after that.
      However, the Ukrainians still do not have enough of the right kit to take Kherson back.

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