The EU promises to bring to justice those Russians responsible for the terrorist attack in Yelenovka

The European Union condemns in the most severe terms the atrocities committed by the Russian armed forces and their accomplices.


Vice-President of the European Commission, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell promises to bring to justice the guilty Russians in committing a war crime in Yelenovka.

This is stated in the statement of the High Representative of the EU on the website of the European External Relations Service.

Borrell noted that Russia’s constant illegal and unjustified war of aggression against Ukraine and its people brings even more terrible atrocities from day to video

“Today in Yelenovka, in eastern Ukraine, Russia reportedly killed dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war, including defenders of the Azovstal metallurgical plant in Mariupol, who surrendered to Russia, which was recorded by the International Committee of the Red Cross in May, and who were under legal protection. Russia under international humanitarian law. Evidence in the form of horrific video footage was widely circulated today by pro-Kremlin social media showing Russian soldiers committing horrific atrocities against Ukrainian prisoners of war,” Borrell said.

In this regard, the European Union condemns in the most severe terms the atrocities committed by the Russian armed forces and their accomplices.

The High Representative of the EU stated that these inhumane, barbaric acts amounted to serious violations of the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocol and amounted to war crimes.

“The perpetrators of war crimes and other serious violations, as well as responsible government officials and military representatives, will be held accountable. The European Union actively supports all measures to ensure accountability for violations of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law committed during the Russian aggression in Ukraine,” Borrell stressed.

As UNIAN reported earlier, today, July 29, pro-Russian militants reported the death of 40 Ukrainian soldiers as a result of shelling of a colony in Yelenovka, Donetsk region. It was later reported that the death toll had risen. Russian media wrote that the correctional facility was allegedly fired upon by Ukrainian troops.

The General Staff stated that the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not launch rocket and artillery strikes on Yelenovka, the Russian army carried out the shelling of a correctional facility in this village in order to hide the torture of prisoners and executions.

According to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, on July 28, a powerful explosion occurred in the occupied Yelenovka village on the territory of the former penal colony No. 120, which is used as a place for holding Ukrainian prisoners of war. As a result of the explosion, a newly built building on the territory of the industrial zone was destroyed, which was specially equipped for holding Ukrainian prisoners taken out of Azovstal.

ccording to the GUR, about 40 Ukrainians were killed, the number of wounded is being specified.

The war crime was committed by mercenaries from the PMC “Wagner” (League) on the personal instructions of the nominal owner of the said PMC – Yevgeny Prigozhin.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Words, just words. How about some concrete action. Moscow said it would go all the way to Berlin, how about making the reverse happen.

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  2. “The European Union condemns in the most severe terms the atrocities committed by the Russian armed forces and their accomplices.”

    We’ve been hearing condemnations, warnings, criticisms, denunciations, outrages, indignation for more than eight years now, regarding mafia land’s countless crimes, atrocities, missteps, lies and violations … but hardly anything worthwhile was undertaken to punish this crime syndicate and its members. This is a major reason why we now have a terrible war in Ukraine. It’s because the West has mishandled mafia land all along and in every possible way. Mafia land played games with an adversary too dumb, lethargic and poorly led to counter it in a meaningful way.
    BTW, the same thing will happen regarding China. It’s because the West is severely lacking courage, foresight, dignity and brains, and it seems not capable of learning from past mistakes. Today’s profits are what’s important, not tomorrow’s continued freedom.

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