Pro-Russian militants announced the death of 40 Ukrainian prisoners of war

Yana Stavskaya 09:54, 07/29/22 YHIAH

Kremlin propagandists specified that among the dead there were captured “Azov”.

 Another 130 injured, militants claim / REUTERS
Another 130 injured, militants claim / REUTERS

Pro-Russian militants in the occupied part of the Donetsk region announced the death of 40 Ukrainian prisoners of war, who were kept in the barracks of the Yelenovskaya colony.

This was reported this morning by representatives of the Russian-controlled terrorist regime “DPR”.

Another 130 people were wounded, militants claim. Kremlin propagandists specified that among the dead there were captured “Azov”. 

At the same time, the Russian side has already begun to blame the deaths of prisoners of war of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Allegedly, Ukrainian forces hit the colony with HIMARS. 

Komsomolskaya Pravda propagandist Oleksandr Kots came up with the idea that Ukraine deliberately hit the colony in order to allegedly destroy “witnesses who started talking.”

The propagandists did not provide any evidence, including photo and video evidence, of the strike on the colony. 

War in Ukraine: current data

Russian troops continued their slow offensive in the Donbass. 

Over the past 24 hours, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have repulsed the assault of the enemy in the direction of Vershina and Semigorye and inflicted losses on the Russians in the area of ​​Vodiane, Peski and Avdiivka.

In the Kramatorsk direction, active actions by the enemy were not noted.

The enemy is trying to conduct offensive operations in the areas of Novoluganskoye and Soledar, the fighting continues. 

In the waters of the Black Sea, three carriers of sea-based cruise missiles of the Caliber type are in readiness for the use of missile weapons.

According to the Institute for the Study of War, the Russian group in the Donetsk region is likely trying to capitalize on recent minor gains southeast of Bakhmut by continuing to push forward in the area. However, the possibility of taking Bakhmut at the same time, experts consider it unlikely.

According to experts, the Russian Federation will now be able to withstand only two offensive operations in the Donbass.


  1. I bet the Putinazis don’t return the bodies either, surely they would prove ruSSian lies. Scary to think there are 2 million Ukrainians forced to go to ruSSia. I wonder if the ICC is ready for these war crimes too.

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  2. I don’t see these cockroaches ever facing justice. The best I can hope for is that they’ll see a bullet coming right between their eyes or a missile up their ass.

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    • Zelensky and the Pentagon. Why? To silence the key ASOV Battalion prisoners. Either by killing them or terrifying them. So they don’t speak about what they were ordered to do – participate in a Ukrainian state sponsored campaign of political terrorism and ethnic cleansing agiast Russian speakers and ethnic Russians.

      I forgot to add: am a liar and a skanky little kremkrapper with the brains of a cockroach.


  3. Dead men tell no tales. THE most basic mafioso move. This was a murderous act against their own, by the current Ukrainian mafioso regime. The captured Asovites could give damning testimonials about the real orders from both Poroshenko and Zelensky presidential offices since 2014, to engage in a sustained terror campaign against Russian speaking-ethnic Russians, and Russian speaking-ethnic Ukrainians, across the south and east of Ukraine. The USA was heavily involved in this murderous act up to their necks – they guard the HIMARS units and they provide that satellite intelligence for operational targeting – seems they also decided the time had come to kill-off those loose Asov tongues, that could riske the whole political narrative curated in the west of the ‘Ukrainian victims’ of Russian actions. The timing of this artillery missile strike indicates it was a kill mission – in dead of night at 2 AM when all the Asov captives were confined to sleeping barracks. So beware, Ukrainian militants and UAF, this is how your mafioso regime will treat you when they deem it necessary.

    PS:I am a Russian troll and a nazi. I stink like a Moscow sewer.


  4. I’m not finding confirmation on what munition may have been used on this alleged strike. Video I found showing bodies in black bags, two bodies had bullet holes in them. Some of the images were blurred but bodies were dressed in various military garb with an AZOV banner drapped over one of the bags. Video did not pan to give any identification of location. Right out of ruZZian playbook to blast a POW camp and blame Ukraine for shelling and deaths. Sounds like orcs had a lot of propaganda ready to spin this purported incident. As we see troll accounts were ready to hop on this one. Video source I viewed was from:

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  5. The cockroaches murder women and children all the time, so it’s really no wonder that they are murdering Ukrainian soldiers. The day will come when this murder spree is over and Ukraine will place its boots on the ugly mug of mafia land!

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