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July 29

The explosion in Russia-controlled Olenivtsi, which took the lives of more than fifty Ukrainian POWs, is another heinous war crime of the Putin regime aimed at concealing mass execution and torture of Ukrainian soldiers. This is another violation of the Geneva Convention of POW, as well as the principles of respect for human rights, international law and order.

Putin’s regime is a terrorist and for crimes against Ukraine must be brought to justice.

We call on our international partners, including the Group of Seven, the EU, as well as the political families of the European People’s Party and the International Democratic Union to harshly condemn the latest war crimes of the Putin regime, promote recognition of Russia countries ory-terrorist and contribute to further strengthening economic sanctions against Russia, providing Ukraine with modern tanks, fighter planes, long-fighting heavy weapons for successful Contrnastupu and restoration of territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Together we have to stop the Russian monster!

Oleksiy Goncharenko FB page says :


Regarding the so-called “shelling” in Olenivka.

Just the facts.

  1. Yesterday there was that horrible video of torturing our soldier.
  2. Today, Russian bastards (along with the povê сі šaríêm) talk about the shelling of our heroes.

There goes the answer. If it’s not just a media special operation, and they actually killed our prisoners there, the response will be harsh. In a very harsh way.

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  1. “Putin’s regime is a terrorist and for crimes against Ukraine must be brought to justice.”
    “Together we have to stop the Russian monster!”

    Hear, hear, Mr. Poroshenko!

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