“United Russia” fled from Kherson: what happened

The reason was the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Antonovsky bridge.

Antonovsky bridge was hit by the Armed Forces of Ukraine / screenshot
Antonovsky bridge was hit by the Armed Forces of Ukraine / screenshot

The United Russia party left Kherson after a successful strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Antonovsky Bridge . The Russians said they could not carry out “humanitarian activities.”

This was reported  by the press service  of the Center for Strategic Communications.

As you know, in Kherson, the party was collecting personal data for a fake “referendum”.play video

“The shelling of the Antonovsky bridge, which was a kind of” road of life “for the Russian military in temporarily occupied Kherson, in addition to the logistical one, had a great psychological effect,” the press service of the Center noted.

At the same time, traitors are trying to convince that the bridge is intact and there will be no supply problems.

“Kherson collaborators Saldo and Stremousov raced to declare that it was possible to move across the Antonovsky Bridge and “there would be no problems with the supply of the regional center, despite the successful strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” They are probably beginning to understand that if United Russia has curtailed its activities, then they will soon have to flee,” the press service adds.

(c)UNIAN 2022


  1. Besides these rats from United Mafia Land, I’m very certain that a few other high-ranking rats have also fled the ship – at least across the river – where they are safe and sound … for now!
    The people aren’t as stupid as these collaborators think. They know exactly what’s going on. This bridge is a hot topic in the social media … all of them!

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