Car with two collaborators blown up in Kherson, one killed – Directorate of Intelligence


In occupied Kherson, a car carrying two employees of the so-called “police” blew up.

Source: Russian media RIA NovostiMostthe Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence on Telegram

Details: The car exploded on Admiral Senyavin Avenue around 12:20. Witnesses saw medics at the scene.

According to Russian media, an improvised explosive device filled with nuts and bolts went off on the course of the car’s normal route. There were two collaborationist officers in the car who sustained injuries but survived. Occupiers blame Ukrainian partisans for the explosion.

Later, the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence reported that the explosion of the so-called “police” car in Kherson was the work of the resistance movement.

According to intelligence, one “policeman” died, while another was hospitalised.


  • On 18 June, the car of Yevhen Soboliev, the “head” of the correctional colony, blew up on the same Admiral Senyavin Avenue in Kherson.
  • On 24 June, it was reported that the car of a representative of the pro-Russian so-called oblast administration was blown up in Kherson.


  1. The partisans are helping the occupiers and collaborators remember that life is dangerous as a scum bucket. As UA forces move closer to Kherson, this sort of thing will increase. And, some of those cockroaches won’t be so lucky.

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  2. This immediately tells me they were not actual Officers of anything, but cheap wannabe gangsters using their new roles to bully and feel important.

    Anyone who is the least bit security aware would have avoided this.

    I hope they die.

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