We are modernizing the Odessa air defense system: the first eight computers have already been handed over to the military  

“Dumska” continues fundraising for powerful computers for air defense forces.

We have already handed over the first eight vehicles for the needs of the Odessa Air Defense Forces.

These computers will help track targets and speed up the work of the air defense center. And therefore – they will protect the sky over Odessa and the region.

Maybe it will give the same fraction of a second needed to capture the target and save someone’s life.

This batch of equipment was purchased with funds collected by readers of “Dumska” and patrons of the Honcharenko Center.

Collection is ongoing. Together, we can help improve our air defense forces.

You can donate to upgrade equipment for the heroic defenders of civilians of Odesa and the region by transferring the amount in a convenient way for you:

To the account of Monobank

Via PayPal: private transfer to y.basiuk@gmail.com , payment destination: comp

To the card of Privatbank: 5218 5722 2159 1667, Yuriy Basyuk

By bank transfer:

Recipient of payment: Basyuk Yury Oleksiyovych

MFO of the bank: 305299

IBAN: UA823052990000026200878836663

Recipient’s account: 26200878836663

Card currency: UAH

Recipient code: 3078324257

We will remind that the readers of “Dumska” have already collected a quarter of a million hryvnias for tablets for artillerymen . In addition, modern NATO-style helmets are on their way to our military .

A little earlier, we all collected money together for an  SUV for the marines . In addition, our readers helped raise money for the purchase of a minibus for the 28th separate mechanized brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign .

Funds were also collected for the purchase of thermal imagers for the Ukrainian military and  100 sets of uniforms for soldiers who joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine from occupied Kherson to defend their homeland.

In addition, thanks to the help of readers, we purchased repellents and  optics for the military.


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