Two Turkish frigates entered the Black Sea, probably to escort grain caravans from Ukrainian ports

The Naval Forces of the Republic of Turkey are strengthening their grouping of ships in the Black Sea.

Yesterday afternoon, two Turkish frigates of the MEKO type passed through the Bosphorus in the northern direction.

The first to enter the Black Sea was TCG Yıldırım F243, and in the afternoon TCG Fatih F242.

Probably, both frigates will ensure the movement of caravans with grain leaving from the Black Sea ports of Ukraine, and will also carry out their inspection and possible escort.

Photo by Yöruk Işık



  1. The US Navy could have been in the Black Sea months ago already. Not a single navy boat was to be seen far and wide … from the world’s most powerful navy, mind you. Biden is an utter coward.

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  2. Didn’t Turkey close it off though according to the straight charter war rules? But U.S. and UK could’ve had vessels in there and kept in, way before the intensification in February.

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