They didn’t expect war: in Germany they complained that they had the worst tanks in Europe

The country’s Foreign Ministry said that the stocks of the German army are obsolete.

Burbock complained about bad tanks / photo REUTERS
Burbock complained about bad tanks / photo REUTERS

The stocks of the German army are obsolete and the tanks are the worst in Europe. The reason is that Berlin lived without “no expectation of war in Europe.”

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock stated this in an interview with Radio Liberty .

“We thought and believed that Europe would live in peace, and therefore we spent less money on our own military defense … We thought that we would never use tanks again. I mean our military tanks are the worst in Europe, which you “You can imagine. It’s been that way for the last decades because Europe was built to live in peace. It’s old-fashioned and our stockpiles of weapons are not what they should be now, except for some parts of air defense,” Burbock explained.

The Minister added that Germany supplies Ukraine with modern weapons, in particular artillery.

“At the beginning, we were too slow. And so we try to get better. And we made a change in position. We deliver heavy weapons, we deliver artillery, the latest systems, because this is what the Ukrainians are telling us now,” he summed up.

As you know, Germany is now armed with Leopard 1 tanks (since 1965) and their updated version of Leopard 2 (since 1979). Ukraine can also supply Leopard 1A5. This is the fifth modernization of the “leopards” of the first series, which was made in 1987.

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  1. I admit the German army sucks, but what she says does not make sense.
    Germany doesn’t use the Leopard 1 except as an engineering vehicle.

    You don’t need high tech for that, actually, it is even better to have stuff that is simple and reliable for that.

    The U.S. may also use M60 Patton tanks or even older for various engineering purposes and there is nothing wrong about that.

    As long as it works why sacrifice modern tanks for this purpose?

    And the Leopard 2 is top of the line and is an excellent tank and still has plenty of options to upgrade them.

    The Abram tanks are of a similar age and no one calls them obsolete.

    I think the main problem the German army has is a lack of numbers and maintenance issues. Also I don’t think having better ones makes sense as we do not have adversaries with tech that is better.

    I would rather invest in long range missiles, air defense, drones and jet fighters, as the Leopard 2 is good enough against Russians. And I don’t think we will ever use them against China to defend Taiwan, as I think we will use the Navy, fighter jets and long range missiles for this, and of course infantry.

    A couple of hundred of Leopard 2 tanks is plenty. Add some Trophy to them and you are good to go for the next couple of decades.


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